AAE Club - Association of Airport Employees, Established in 1967
Discount Tickets
Movie Tickets:
 AMC Gold:  $8.00 (Unrestricted)
 AMC Silver:  $6.50 (Restricted)
 Pacific Silver:  $6.50 (Restricted)
 Edwards:  $7.00 (Restricted)
 Regal Entertainment: $7.00 (Restricted)
LegoLand:  $53.00 Adult/Child 2nd day free
LegoLand:  $63.00 Adult/Child Resort Hopper Ticket Includes LegoLand, Sea
Life Aquarium, and LegoLand Water Park
Six Flags:  $32.00
Universal Studios:  Call (424) 646-7613 or e-mail Donna Erie at DErie@LAWA.org for the link to on-line purchasing.
Raging Waters:  $23.00 (need to purchase on line)
Hurricane Harbor:  $33.00
Sea World:  Coming soon on line
Los Angeles County Fair:  Adult $10, Child $6 (6-12 years of age), Child 5 and under free.
Contact Donna Erie at (424) 646-1613 or by e-mail at  to purchase tickets.
All pricing information found herein is subject to change.
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